The Casa Montana is located in the valley of Val Lumnezia, the south side of the mountain, near Vella, at an altitude of 1328 m. and has ski-in/ski-out access to the Obersaxen-Mundaun Ski arena. Please click on the internal link here to see the exact house location on the google map.

Val Lumnezia is an insider tip. It's the perfect vacation destination for sports enthusiasts, whether it be skiers, hikers, mountain bikers, golfers, gold hunters, swimmers, or white water rafting/kayaking fans. It's also a place for dreamers…an oasis of peace and quiet where you can hear the cowbells ring, breathe in the refreshing mountain air, and feel like you've entered a little wonderland leaving all your worries behind.

If you come to know this valley, you will fall in love with it.